• Treatment

  • White Fillings
    White Fillings
    Currently representing approximately 80% of our restorations, bonded or white fillings provide a cosmetically and functionally stronger alternative to conventional silver fillings.
  • Amalgams
    The foundation of dentistry for decades, we still use these when white fillings are not practical.
  • Crowns
    When maximum cosmetic results, are required, these allow the most natural appearance without the use of any metal substructure. The results are
    amazingly lifelike.
  • Crowns Gold & Porcelain
    Crowns Gold and Porcelain
    When biting pressure requires more strength, a gold base is used with porcelain baked on to provide strong yet beautiful esthetics.
  • Crowns Full Gold
    Crowns Full Gold
    When needed due primarily to space requirements, fully yellow gold is still the benchmark for long lasting high strength crowns.
  • Inlays & Onlays
    These represent more conservative alternatives to full crowns. When only a portion of a tooth must be restored. Partial coverage can be done with high strength material where thickness is a problem.
  • Bridges
    By spanning lost teeth spaces with solid teeth on either side, a fixed bridge solves the problem of missing teeth, without using a removable partial denture. The natural appearance makes it very hard to notice anything is missing at all.
  • Partial Dentures
    When fixed bridgework cannot be done, highly cosmetic removable partials may be used. We even have partials with “clear” clasps so that unsightly silver clasps may not be needed.
  • Full Dentures
    Full Dentures
    As one ages, eating at a social function often plays a major roll. The ability to chew is critical not only for cosmetics but for health and digestion. Properly fitting, comfortable dentures are made by us using the same 5 step “no shortcut technique” still used in dental schools today. This allows us to give our patients the best fit possible.
  • Root Canals Endodontics
    Root Canals Endodontics
    We use only nickel-titanium rotary instrumentation by Tulsa Dental. These instruments help us provide the best, safest and most comfortable experience possible. This new technology allows a superior outcome with minimal if any discomfort and most importantly, usually done in one visit.
  • Oral Surgery
    Oral Surgery
    When teeth cannot be saved, we are able to extract most teeth in our office. However, we have a great referral relationship with a local oral surgeon to provide our patients with extremely skilled specialists when we need them.

  • Bleaching - Whitening
    Bleaching Whitening
    Our various whitening proceedures provide an economical way to whiten teeth. We offer ZOOM In-Office Whitening with fast results in one visit. Custom Bleaching trays using “Opalescence” provide a greater result through customized trays.
  • Night Guards
    Night Guards
    People bothered with pain in facial muscles or teeth being worn down by grinding, may benefit from a night guard. This thin acrylic mouth retainer helps by providing surface to keep the teeth apart and reduce wear and allow facial muscles to move freely.
  • Implants
    Titanium “roots” miraculously replaces missing teeth allowing patients to regain function of natural teeth. Now there is no need for dentures if implants can be placed. In coordination with a periodontist or oral surgeon, permanent teeth can be regained. Lower dentures can now be stabilized when used in conjunction with implants to serve as an anchor for them.